Teaching Emerging Women in Design, How to Build a Profitable 6-Figure Residential Interior Design Business, While Working a 9-5.

Employee to Designer, is an exclusive coaching program designed to help emerging women in design build and grow a 6-figure residential interior design business, while working their 9-5. The program, offers a series of course options to support design professionals on their journey to entrepreneurship, at each step of the way. 

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Hi there, I'm Monique Nicole Holmes —

I help emerging women in design, create profitable, 6-figure residential interior design businesses, while leveraging their 9-5.


As a practicing Certified Interior Decorator, and past Advertising & Marketing Executive, I know exactly what it feels like to have worked in the corporate world for a long time, to then transition into the world of Interior Design, and start a business from the ground up. 

It's not easy. When I decided to change careers and start my design business, I knew nothing about interior design, let alone, how to start and run a business in it.

There were no "Interior Design Coaches" for aspiring designers and Decorators, so I had to figure it all out on my own and learn to be extremely resourceful. 

So that's what I did. 

After going back to school to get my Interior Decorating Degree, I found a mentor to teach me the ins and outs of the business, and learned through trial and (many) errors. 

I soon realized that there was a huge gap in the industry. 

I started to see that we as design professionals, were not being taught, the business side of interior design. We were only being taught the theory of interior design. 

Being an entrepreneur at heart, and having amazing success in my own design business, I decided to share and teach what I knew about the business side of design.

Hence, Employee to Designer was born. 

To learn more about the ETD Program and it's courses, and how you can go from Employee to Designer, review the courses below to find the one that is right for your in your journey. 

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Ready to transition into entrepreneurship, and build your profitable, interior design business?

The Employee to Designer (ETD) Coaching Program, can help you transition from your 9-5, to full-time design!

No matter where you are in your journey, from recently gaining a degree or certificate in interior design, to preparing your transition from your 9-5, to being ready to build your design business and hand in your resignation on your job, ETD can help you reach the next phase of your life and business goals.  The ETD coaching program offers a course, for each phase of your journey. 

Scroll down to learn how the ETD program and our different courses, can help you create the life and interior design business you've been praying and dreaming about. ↓

Course 1: Employee to Designer Discovery Program

The Employee to Designer Discovery course is our starter course, designed to help you through your discovery phase in learning about the business of interior design. This course is a monthly membership, which gives you access to our private membership site, where you can learn the ins and outs of the trade, through access to hundreds of hours of recording trainings, exclusive interviews with industry experts, business scripts, and templates to help you discover the type of business and life you want to create. 

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Course 2: Employee to Designer Transition Program

The Employee to Designer Transition course is a 6 week program, that takes you step-by-step on how to create a fearless transition plan, so you can get setup to transition from your 9-5 job, into full-time entrepreneurship in interior design. 

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Course 3: Employee to Designer Emerge

Employee to Designer Emerge course, is a 3 month private coaching program that’s proven to help you build and grow a 6-figure, residential interior design business, while working your 9-5. To learn more about the ETD Emerge Program, Watch the free webinar on the Six Key Steps to Building a Profitable, 6-Figure, Residential Interior Design Business, While Working Your 9-5. 

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Complete the form to get your Free Employee To Designer Transition Plan.  This proven step-by-step plan, will help you transition from your 9-5, to build a 6-figure residential interior design business.

(This is the exact plan I used to leave my job, and double my 6-figure corporate salary, in my part-time interior design business).

"I’m already implementing the updates to my business strategy and feeling optimistic about the future. I highly recommend working with Monique Nicole if you are serious about starting or growing an interior decorating business."

Joanne, Member of Employee to Designer
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Are you ready to build the life and business, you've been praying for?

If you answered YES, I invite you to watch my FREE Webinar on THE SIX KEY STEPS TO BUILDING A 6-FIGURE RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DESIGN BUSINESS WHILE WORKING YOUR 9-5. In this webinar, I am going to share with you the six (6) key strategies I used to build my interior decorating business, and replace my 6-figure income on my job.

(This is the exact plan I used to leave my job, and double my 6-figure corporate salary, in my part-time interior design business).

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