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I'm Monique Nicole Holmes. Your Business Strategist & Success Coach here to help you build your profitable Interior Design business. 

Master The Key Strategies to Creating A Profitable Interior Design Business With My 8 Steps to Profitability Guide

In this program, you'll learn how to transform or create a solid, sustainable, and most importantly PROFITABLE Interior Design business. The program is all about mastering the business side of what we do as Designers & Decorators. No matter where you are in building or growing your dream business,  as a emerging designer, transitioning designer or seasoned designer, these fundamental steps will support you in building long term success for our business. Let's Get Started! Sign-Up to Receive Your Free Gift: My 8 Steps to Profitability Guide

Start Building Your Profitable Interior Design Business Today with my 8 Step Guide!


Start Designing Your Profitable Interior Design Business Today!

Working with an Interior Design Coach is like making sure that you have a GPS in your car for every destination that you decide to take, when you are not quite sure how to get there. I'm here to help you figure out where you want to go, guide you there, and help you with the turns, roadblocks, and unexpected accidents that may come up.

What's included?

Transitioning/Emerging/Seasoned Programs: Each session is (1) hour.  It can be by phone, FaceTime or via Skype.  Each week we will follow the 8 steps guide and when you log-in to each module, you will have a personal video from me explaining the module. You'll also have a set of exercises to work on before our next session.  

On Demand Coaching Program

You will be able to log-in to the coaching program at www.8STP.com and complete the program at your pace and leisure. The program is a 8 module program, so it is normal to finish it in 2-3 months. Worksheets, exercises, and workbooks are provided in each module for you to follow and complete. 

 How do you get started?

Awesome!  The first step is to review the programs below and choose the one that fits your business needs. Once you've signed up for your program you will receive an email from me with a link to my calendar to schedule your first coaching session/call. If you choose the On Demand Coaching Program, you will receive an email with your log-in info, so you can start whenever you are ready!

 Cancellation Policy

All programs are billed monthly on the same day that you initially signed up on. I created  the 8STP program as a result of over 10 years of marketing and business experience, have invested hundreds of man hours into creating this program, and have hundreds of Designers & Decorators who have taken the course with success, transparently put, the program works! Therefore, similar to a university course, I do not offer refunds.  I want you to be ready and willing to show up to do the work, so that you can see the success in completing the program.

For all private coaching programs (Transitioning, Emerging, & Seasoned Programs), if for any reason you are not happy after your first private session, you may cancel your future sessions and will not be billed for the upcoming monthly session. You must cancel before the next billing cycle to cancel your services for that month. No refunds will be given to any of the programs. 

If you have to miss any of your sessions. You are only allowed to reschedule one session and you must give a 24hr notice.  

Are Your Ready? Let's Get Started! 

Review the program options below to decide which option is best for you. Then click the sign up button to get started.

I look forward to connecting with you!


Private Coaching Programs

Pricing Options

Choose the right coaching program for you!

8STP On Demand



Includes 8 On Demand (Video) Sessions

- 8 on demand guided coaching sessions (via video training) 

- Personal online coaching account, with videos, and live support

- Coaching on 8 Steps to Profitability

- Personal worksheets, tools, and apps

- Group support through online support group

- Access to private members only 8STP FB group 





Includes 6 Private Sessions

- Business License

- Business Insurance

- Taxes

- Bank Account Setup

- Education & Certification





Includes 12 Private Sessions

- 12 private coaching sessions (via phone or Skype)

- Personal online coaching account, with videos, and live support

- Coaching on 8 Steps to Profitability

- Personal worksheets, tools, and apps

- Group support through online support group

- Access to private members only 8STP FB group 


- 30 minute sessions w. industry experts

- Exclusive Invite (Paid) to VIP Day

- Free access to all master classes

- Unlimited phone & email support

- Custom game plan & marketing plan

 - Special feature in 8STP'S Designer Spotlight





Includes 6 Private Sessions

 - Re-Branding

- Budgeting

- Wealth Building

- Eliminating Debt

- Exit Strategy

- Investing


Not Ready For Private Coaching?

Are you still trying to figure things out but want to get some key tips and strategies to growing your Interior Design business today? Take a look at our Master Classes that are On Demand and a great way to learn on your own. Or schedule a Game Plan session with me to help you grow a certain area of your business.

Game Plan Session

Do you have an urgent need to fix a certain area of your business? Or maybe you simply need some support in strategizing a marketing plan for your business. Whatever your need is, I am here to help you map out a plan to take your business to the next level. Schedule your private 1:1 call (1-hour) with me where we will discuss your needs and help you find an immediate solution.


Book Your 1-Hour Game Plan: $225.00

E - Learning Store Coming Soon!

Looking to get some quick strategies to help you grow your business? Visit my e-learning store filled with business tools to help you manage your business or take a Master Class. Choose from my Interior Design Master Class, where I teach you the fundamentals of building a Profitable Interior Design business.  Or take my Thumbtack Master Class to learn how to increase your close rate on projects to ultimately win more business.

Coming Soon!

Facebook Community

Are you a student, emerging,  or seasoned Interior Designer or Decorator looking to connect with others in the industry? Well, no matter where you are in your business, we want to connect with you! Join our FB community of hundreds of Interior Designers & Decorators. We share business tips & resources, while supporting each other, in a community that is safe and collaborative.  

Join Our FB Community It's FREE!

Is Private Coaching For You?

Are you still wondering if private coaching is right for you? Would you like help with figuring out the key areas that you need support in, to help build and grow your interior design business? Schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss if an Interior Design Coach is the right fit for you and your business.


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