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As you may know, we just completed our 2018 1st & 2nd quarter coaching programs with some of the most amazing Interior Designers & Decorators in the country. They are now on their way to creating sustainable, profitable interior design business of their own. Yah!

We also closed the doors to the 8STP Facebook Group page to create a more engaging community of Designers & Decorators, who are 100% invested in sharing their knowledge and experiences in their journey to building a profitable interior design business. Our new community, will be for 8STP members only, so that you can freely share your business win's,  & secrets of success, without feeling like you are just another member to an Interior Design FB group. Which believe me there are enough to go around twice for us all, if you know what I mean. 

In the past, you may have considered private coaching, but felt like it wasn't right for you, or the time wasn't right, or the investment required a larger commitment than you were ready for. That's ok.  Or maybe you are a self-motivator and know that you can do it on your own, with a little guidance. Well that's ok too!

I've learned that just like in business, there is no one-size fits all option for everyone. So I've created two program tracks to meet you where you are.

1. 6-Month On-Demand  program that will allow you to go at your own pace and build your business on your own terms. With the help of yours truly of course...

2. 6-Month Private 1:1 coaching program, with weekly 1-hour video calls, and email & phone support to guide you through the 8STP program every step of the way. 

No matter which program you choose that's right for you, you are going to love It. Each program gives you 6-months worth of business building coaching via videos, guided exercises, worksheets, and more with everything you need to build the design business of your dreams. 




In the 8STP On Demand program, you'll get the entire 8 module program that my private coaching clients get that will take you from not knowing where to start in building your design business to getting your first paying design client, an automated system that nurtures your client, to a sustainable profitable interior design business. 

You won't get live support from me, but you will have access to the 8STP FB member community and a private forum within your coaching platform, where you'll be able to ask questions and share your experiences with other Designers & Decorators in the program on the same journey as you! I also will pop in from time to time to answer questions, and guide you throughout the program. 


I know Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your business. But one thing that I know for sure, is that when you have the tools, and direction of what to do, and how to do it, it can make any journey a lot quicker and less painful. My 8STP Private coaching program was designed to help you do just that. It's a 6-month program that covers all 8 modules, and includes private 1:1 coaching with me every week for 1-hour. You also get access to some of the top industry experts in the design industry who specialize in social media marketing, Sales, Website Design, Branding, and Content Development.

If you are looking for guided 1:1 support to help you create a plan & strategy to build your business, 8STP Private is for you. 

8STP Private Guest Coaches

Meet your guest coaches that you'll get to work directly with in the 8STP Private Coaching program. They are ready to support you!


1. Self & Client Discovery
Understanding who you are will help you to show up in the market in a unique way and attract your ideal client. This topic is all about self & client discovery. Learn how to find your unique gift, and attract clients that are the perfect fit for your business.

2. Packaging & Pricing
Pricing and packaging is all about understanding your target audience and delivering what they want, at the right price. You'll learn how to create custom packages & pricing to attract the RIGHT clients to your business.

3. Systems & Processes
Covered in this topic, we'll dissect your business processes, and help you develop a waste, and time free process to help your business run like a well oiled machine. Giving you more time to focus on revenue generating tasks.

4. Consults & Contracts
Are you wondering how should you conduct your consults? What questions do you need to ask? What agreements should you have in place to protect yourself and business? This coaching series will cover all of this.

5. Sourcing & Selling
Learn how to source and sell like a pro. With so many vendors to work with, minimum order requirements and the highly competitive pricing marketplace, it's important to master how to source items to create profitable projects. And more importantly, you'll learn how to master closing the deal!

6. Finances & Income Streams
With this topic, you'll learn how to manage your Cash-Flow to maximize your revenue, budget and cut costs, as well as ways to create multiple streams of income to keep your design business growing and flourishing with income and amazing clients!

7. Branding & Marketing
Creating your unique brand is crucial to differentiating yourself from your competition. We'll help you develop your brand that stands out, as well as create a custom marketing plan to tell the world who you are as a Designer/Decorator.

8. Recognition & Connection
If no one knows your beautiful work exists, how can you grow? This topic is all about showcasing your work, and connecting & networking for long-term business growth. You'll learn the key strategies, to get published, recognized, and noticed by clients and the industry.

Get Everything You Need To Start Building A Profitable Interior Design Business

Join Today & Get... Hours of short, easy-to-consume video lessons with step-by-step instructions on how to start building or re-vamp your interior design business with the 8STP On Demand program. Or if you need a little more support, get weekly coaching directly with me in the 8STP Private Coaching Program. In both programs I'll walk you through creating a custom marketing plan to attract your ideal client, how to build your unique brand that differentiates you from other Designers & Decorators and how to acquire paying clients to meet your revenue goals, whatever they may be. WHICH 8STP OPTION IS RIGHT FOR YOU?




- 8 on demand guided coaching sessions (via video training) 
- Personal online coaching account, with videos, and live support
- Coaching on 8 Steps to Profitability
- Personal worksheets, tools, and apps
- Group support through online support group
- Access to private members only 8STP FB group 




- 24 private coaching sessions (via phone or Skype)
- Personal online coaching account, with videos, and live support
- Coaching on 8 Steps to Profitability
- Personal worksheets, tools, and apps- Profit First Assessment
- Group support through online support group
- Access to private members only 8STP FB group 


- 30 minute sessions w. industry experts
- Exclusive Invite (Paid) to VIP Day
- Free access to all master classes
- Unlimited phone & email support
- Custom game plan & marketing plan
 - Special feature in Duarte Consulting's Designer Spotlight
- Includes 1 month of free coaching



Still Have Questions

Both the 8STP On Demand & Private coaching programs are 6 months long. So after 6 months, you will have built a fully functioning interior design business. However, of course with everything things take time and it depends on how much effort, work, and marketing you choose to put into your business to see the final results. I cannot guarantee you a certain amount of clients. But what I can guarantee, is that if you commit to doing the work and completing the entire program, you will have a business ready to start attracting your ideal client and bringing revenue into your business. The program works, if you work it. 

The great thing about the 8STP program is that the 8STP On Demand program allows you to log-on whenever you have time and complete each module at your own pace.  However, the suggested time that you should put in is 5-10 hours per week to complete the program within the allotted 6 months. 

The 8STP Private coaching program, requires 1-hour per week of your time to meet with me directly. In addition it's suggested that you carve out 5-10 hours per week to complete the homework assignments in each module. 

That's ok. The 8STP program is designed to help you build a profitable interior design business no matter if you are a student designer (haven't started your business yet), emerging designer (you've recently started your business), or a seasoned designer (you have a business already, but are looking to re-brand your business). The 8 module program covers everything from helping you discover who you are as a designer, to helping brand yourself, to creating your custom marketing plan, to creating a financial plan to bring in clients & revenue, to finally teaching you how to continue to grow your business through networking. 


Meet people (just like you) who transformed their businesses with 8STP

AND FINALLY... Will this work for me? What if it doesn't? Do I get a refund?

The 8STP program contains proven strategies that will work for any Designer/Decorator at any stage of your business. Whether you want to start a residential, commercial, home staging, or special niche business, the 8STP programs will get you there. Do the work, and you'll see the results. 

I created the 8STP program as a result of conducting over 150 interviews with Interior Designers & Decorators across the country in a pursuit to learn and study their major business challenges. From the feedback I received, I designed the program around the 8 key areas of business that one MUST master in order to start, grow, and sustain a profitable interior design business. These areas are covered in the 8 module program. The program is made up of hundreds of man-hours invested and hundreds of students that have completed the program with success. 

Simply, the 8STP program WORKS. 

That's why much like a university, I do not offer refunds. Trust me, a lot more people would sign-up if I offered a standard, "money back guarantee" refund policy. But the truth is, I didn't develop this program to just take your money. I only want you to invest in the program, if you are ready to commit, do the work and get the results. This way we both win. My no refund policy, also allows me to feel comfortable sharing my own trade secrets with you in the program. 

I Look Forward To Supporting You!

I hope you decide to take the leap and invest in yourself and future. I did over 6 years ago and it changed my life and business. You can do this!


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