Employee To Designer Coaching Program

Employee To Interior Designer Master Class

Hello, I'm Monique Nicole Holmes, Interior Decorator & Business Strategist & Coach to Interior Designers & Decorators. I'd like to invite you to my FREE Master Class on how to Transition from your 9-5 job to your very own full-time design business! Space is limited so join early before 4pm to reserve your spot.


In the Employee To Interior Designer Master Class, you'll learn my exact strategy that I used to leave my 6-figure job and career of 6 years to launch and build a profitable Interior Design business. I am going to show you step by step how you can too, transition from your job, with no regrets. I'll teach you how to set yourself up for success and massive profits to match or exceed your current salary so you can leave your job for good and start building your dream design business. Join me, you don't want to miss this!

The Transition

How to transition from your 9-5 job to a full-time interior design business and replace or exceed your income on your job before leaving. 

The Departure

You'll learn the top 5 things to do before you leave your job, to ensure you create a strong foundation for yourself and business. 

The Setup

How to set your design business up for success before you leave your 9-5, to create a profitable interior design business from the very start.

Are You Ready To Jump?

One of the hardest things that I struggled with before leaving my 9-5 job to start my Interior Design business, was getting the courage to jump into the unknown. But the way I looked at it was, if I didn't try or jump, then one thing I knew for sure, was that I'd stay stuck in my job forever. If you are like me and know that it's time to pursue your dream business, watch this video by Steve Harvey to hear his advice on jumping into the unknown. This video inspired me so much when I was trying to muster up the courage to jump. I hope it inspires you too!

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