Monique Nicole Holmes


I'm Monique Nicole Holmes a Business Strategist and Coach for Interior Designers & Decorators, who want to build, brand, and market their businesses to get more clients, find their unique offering, and build a profitable interior design business.

Right now I’m sure you’re thinking, if I could just have a steady set of clients, I could really invest in growing my business to new heights. Or, if I could just figure out how to brand and market my business so that I can attract more clients, everything would be peachy.  Am I right? 

​I understand, because I've been exactly where you are. 

I can remember the time when I so desperately wanted to have clients rolling in, but it wasn’t happening. I remember the days when I wished I could get just one large design project that would set me up for ultimate success. I remember, feeling stuck, not knowing what to do next. And honestly, I didn’t know where to start.

Honestly,  I had the fear that I'd never be able to grow my business to a place where, it was no longer a "side thing", but a real, profitable, business. But even through all of my fear, what I did have was FAITH. Faith that if I worked really hard to create a business that truly added value to people's lives, applied my marketing experience that I had gained over the last 10 years of working in the Advertising industry, and most importantly, put a clear PLAN together, that I would make it one day. I would have my dream business - one day. 


"I am all about getting results. And I want to help you get yours."

  • You can learn how to brand and market your business and unique service offerings, so that you attract the right clientele. 
  • You can become a recognized award winning, Interior Designer/Decorator, that you’ve always dreamed of. 
  •  You can build, design and create a profitable business that will produce the financial income that is self-sufficient.

You Can Have It All. It’s Possible.

 Here are a few fun facts about me, to really get to know me…

  • I believe, that you can achieve anything your mind can conceive. Try it…
  • I love to travel, eat, and oh, to go to the spa 
  • My superpower; my voice and calming energy.
  • (It helps keep clients calm when I have to tell them that their sofa is running 2 weeks late on the delivery)

I look forward to supporting you in creating your Profitable Dream Interior Design Business!

Your Success Coach
Monique Nicole Holmes
Interior Decorator & Business Coach


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